3 Things Which Could Surprise You If You're Planning A Wrongful Death Lawsuit


A relative's death is not easy to handle. This is particularly true if you blame their workplace for their death. However, if you're planning a wrongful death lawsuit, it's vital to know the possibly surprising details below.

You May Not Have the Standing to File

One thing which may surprise you about this process is that you cannot personally bring a wrongful death case to court if you're not related to the deceased relative in one of a few ways. It's typically required that you're the child, spouse, or closest of kin in order to begin any proceedings. Your family should work with an attorney from a firm like The Jaklitsch Law Group to figure out who the best party is to get things started.

You've Waited Too Long

There is no set grieving period; losing a family member affects each individual in a different way. Once you are able to start functioning in the world again, you might want to start the wrongful death process, only to find out that you cannot because of your state's time limit on such cases. For that reason, it's vital to start proceedings immediately or at least consult a legal expert to find out how long you are able to start.

You Should Avoid Conversations With the Company

The company that you're suing may attempt contact and present you with their own resolutions. This might seem like a time-saving measure to you, and you could be eager to get the entire thing over with as long as your family is compensated and they admit wrongdoing. This, however, could be an error; the company could be attempting to give you less than you'd receive if a jury ruled on your case. Ensure that your lawyer is aware of any contact so they can direct you.

You Might Not Receive Exorbitant Amounts of Money

Like most people, you've probably heard of multi-million dollar awards in various lawsuits. You might feel so strongly that your relative's workplace caused their death that they deserve to pay that kind of money to your family. However, it's essential to understand that many judges and juries only deliver financial awards that focus on verifiable losses. For instance, they are likely to award cash for your relative's income over a certain time, particularly if there are children involved. They may award money for medical and funeral expenses as well.

Having enough information about this process is essential. Sit down with a lawyer who's an expert in this field to get accurate details to help your family move forward.


7 April 2017

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