The Most Common Construction Injuries


Construction injuries can be frightening, but also quite serious. When you are on the job, you do not expect to leave in an ambulance. Unfortunately, this happens all too often. If you have ever been injured on a job site, you might have legal recourse.

So many different construction accidents are preventable, often by companies supplying products or by the companies hiring construction workers. Ultimately, you may have the right to seek financial resources if you are injured in one of these common ways.


Construction workers often fall, especially if their work involves working on cranes, roofs, ladders, and scaffolding. These surfaces could have been poorly installed or placed on unsafe ground. You might have experienced an injury caused by a trench or scaffolding collapse. Unfortunately, this can lead to broken bones, back injuries, and even traumatic brain injuries.

Blunt Force Trauma

Being hit by falling items is a fear many construction workers have. You could be hit by a tool that has been improperly placed on scaffolding or a platform, for instance. The result could be a devastating brain or spinal injury. Even if you have the proper safety equipment on, you could be facing a serious issue like a traumatic brain injury.

Improper Equipment

Sometimes construction workers have little to no control over the items they are given for work. As a result, you might be told to use materials that are not actually safe. You could be driving a faulty forklift, throwing items into unstable dumpsters, or even trying to use a nail gun that misfires, leading to severe injury.

Chemical Exposure

Chemical exposure is often toxic, leading to external and internal health issues. Not only could you experience chemical burns, but you could also face a respiratory injury. This type of injury is not uncommon among people who weld, for instance.

Repetitive Motion Injuries

For people who perform the same actions over and over again, an injury is not uncommon. These injuries are especially difficult to contend with because you may not even realize that you are being hurt as you work.


If you are working on a site that involves electrical wiring, you could very well find yourself electrocuted. These injuries are incredibly serious and can have long-lasting effects.

If you believe that you deserve recovery for losses resulting from a construction accident, a construction injury attorney can help you. Personal injuries are serious matters, and you may deserve some compensation for your injuries.


3 March 2018

Consulting with an Accident and Personal Injury Lawyer

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