Making Aggressive Drivers Pay


Some days they seem to be everywhere you turn. Drivers who tailgate, speed, weave back forth from lane to lane, and seem determined to cause a wreck can often end up doing just that. While accidents can happen to even the safest of drivers, being hurt because of another driver's aggressive and careless driving can seem particularly troubling. Unfortunately, law enforcement may have its hands full trying to catch these bad drivers, and often the fines for reckless driving are far from a deterrent. Read on to find out more about these highway menaces and how to make them pay the price for their actions.

When aggressive driving causes a wreck

It doesn't take a highway safety engineer to see that aggressive driving behaviors can lead to accidents. You may have been involved in a close call or seen accidents happen because of an impatient driver who exhibited unsafe driving habits. When it's you behind the wheel, matters can turn from annoying to dangerous and you cannot count on the criminal system to adequately punish drivers that cause a wreck. Car wrecks can cause you and your loved one's lives to be seriously impacted, but you have a right to seek compensation for your losses and injuries.

What is meant by reckless driving?

If the driver that hit you was exhibiting reckless driving actions prior to the wreck, then they may end up being ticketed by law enforcement. After the accident, be sure to access the accident report prepared by the responding officer to ascertain the existence of any traffic violations against the other driver. Some common forms of reckless driving might look like this:

1. Speeding: One of the most common forms of reckless driving. So many drivers exceed the speed limits that it can be difficult for others to obey them. Aggressive drivers, however, drive at speeds that put others on the road in grave danger. Speed can cause drivers to be unable to stop in time before striking other drivers, and the impact of a speeding car can cause more damage to the vehicles and more serious injuries.

2. Distracted driving: It's not just those that intentionally drive recklessly that can cause accidents. Drivers who are distracted by texting, eating, applying makeup, etc. can allow their attention to drift, and it doesn't take very long for tragedy to occur.

3. Weaving: Drivers who are late for work or an appointment are often under the impression that they can arrive at their destination a lot faster by moving back and forth between vehicles in an effort to "beat traffic."

4. Sliding between moving vehicles is a recipe for disaster since judging the speed of other cars and being far too close to them can make a wreck a reality.

Other bad driver habits include street racing, tailgating, passing in an unsafe manner, disobeying school bus laws, and more.

Money cannot make your injuries go away, but it can help lessen the financial impact an accident might have on your pocketbook. Seek legal help and force that bad driver to pay even when the law fails to do so.

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18 September 2018

Consulting with an Accident and Personal Injury Lawyer

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