Make Sure That These Details Are Evident When You Sketch Your Car Accident Scene


Reaching for a pencil and piece of paper might not be your first instinct upon being in an automotive collision, but having the means to do so could be a critical way to help the difficult situation in which you find yourself. Taking a few minutes to sketch the car accident scene can make it easier to remember in the weeks and months ahead, and can serve as crucial evidence in the legal battle in which you might soon be embroiled. Don't worry about what you perceive as a lack of artistic skills. Use basic images and labels to recreate the scene on paper to the best of your ability. Here are some details that should be evident in your sketch.

Vehicle Details

You'll definitely want to sketch a series of details that relate to not only your vehicle, but also the other vehicle that was involved in the accident. Simple rectangles can represent the vehicles, and a series of arrows can depict the direction of travel of each. In some cases, it may be necessary to show multiple depictions of the vehicles — for example, the point at which there was an impact and where both of them ended up afterward. This may be necessary if the vehicles lost control to some degree after the impact.

Witness Locations

In a car accident case, testimony from witnesses at the scene can be either good or bad for you. If a witness has a story that is consistent with yours and points blame at the other driver, this will help your case. However, if a witness suggests that you were at least partially to blame for the collision, your attorney will have to discredit him or her. If it's evident to you where the witnesses were at the time of the collision, don't hesitate to represent them on your sketch with a stick figure. If you encounter a hostile witness, your attorney may be able to look at your sketch and suggest that the witness wasn't in a good position to see the accident take place.

Potential Obstacles

Often, different obstacles can lead to car accidents. For example, a large snowbank along the side of the road or a parked delivery truck can impede one driver's view and play a role in the collision. If you're aware of any obstacles around the accident scene, include them in your sketch with an appropriate shape and a written label to indicate the nature of the obstacle. It may eventually be clear from the sketch that an obstacle reduced the other driver's ability to see you, and this can suggest that he or she was responsible for the incident.

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3 February 2019

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