Were You Bitten By Someone Else's Dog While You Were Breaking Up A Dog Fight? 3 Tips To Address Your Personal Injury


You love your dog and have a right to be able to take them out of the house without worrying about you or them getting attacked. In fact, you may have even trained your dog to obey commands, and you might even keep them on the leash when they are not in areas where it is okay to take it off. Unfortunately, other canine owners are not always so responsible. Your dog might have gotten in a fight with your neighbor's pet, or they may have even been attacked by a stray. Either way, you now have an injury that needs medical attention, and filing a lawsuit is the best way to get compensation to address your injuries.

Take Note of What Happened Before You Jumped In

A dog bite lawsuit can get complicated, and your personal injury lawyer will need to know exactly what happened during the incident. Did you try to break up the fight without getting physically involved first by yelling or using a hose? Alternatively, you may have had to immediately jump in if the other dog was extremely large or aggressive. You will also need to describe what you and your dog were doing when the incident occurred. Let your lawyer know information such as whether or not your dog was on a leash and if they've had obedience training in the past. Every factor involved with the incident can have an impact upon the decision made regarding your case.

Maintain Records of You and Your Dog's Injuries

You will also need to provide information about you and your pet's injuries to the personal injury law firm. Ideally, you will have pictures of the dog bites along with any other records that you have documenting the extent of the injuries. Make copies of medical bills for your diagnosis and treatment along with any vet bills that you incurred as a result of the aggressive attack so that you can provide proof of the financial strain that this incident as created.

Ask Any Witnesses to Come Forward

Dog fights often occur in public places. Were you in a dog park? If so, then try to get the names and phone numbers of any people that saw what happened. You can also check around your neighborhood if the dog fight occurred when you were walking your dog near your house. Your dog bite lawyer may be able to use a witness statement to further provide proof that neither you nor your dog antagonized the incident.


10 December 2019

Consulting with an Accident and Personal Injury Lawyer

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