Car Crashes: How Insurance Companies Determine The Liable Party


The party that plays the biggest role in a collision is usually legally responsible for the injuries and damages caused to other victims. That is why drivers involved in an accident do everything possible to prove their innocence. Insurance companies also undertake a comprehensive investigation to determine the wrongdoer. Doing this confirms that their client is truly liable for the damages. 

But in some cases, more than one party is involved in the collision, which can complicate the investigations. Even then, insurers hire accident investigators to determine who caused the accident. Here are the tactics insurers use to determine the answerable party in a road accident. 

They Evaluate the Investigators Report

Accidents can sometimes fall under criminal laws. That is why the police undertake investigations after a crash to find out the person to press charges against. Their first step is to interrogate all the parties involved in the crash and the people who witnessed it. The law enforcers then inspect all the vehicles and the accident area before writing a report that indicates who they believe was at fault. 

Insurance companies heavily rely on police investigation reports to unearth the events of the incident and the at-fault party. However, individuals involved in the crash can dispute the report if it contains inaccurate information. If you are a victim of a wrongful accusation, seek the guidance of a car accident lawyer to turn it around. 

They Go through Victim and Witness Statements 

Insurance adjusters also use accident victims' statements in identifying the guilty party. For example, they will find out whether someone apologized to other drivers or confessed their mistake in the accident. The insurer gathers this information from the statements issued by the victims and the witnesses. If you erroneously made an implicating statement, consult an auto accident lawyer right away. They will help you get out of this snare. 

They Check Whether Motorists Broke the Traffic Rules

Generally, drivers who break traffic rules take all the blame for a car crash. That is why insurance companies evaluate the state and local traffic regulations to determine whether motorists involved in a collision broke any of them. For instance, they will check whether any driver exceeded the recommended speed limit or drove on the wrong side of the road. They also check the drivers' alcohol or drug levels at the time of the collision. 

If you are wrongly accused of a road accident, consult a law firm. They will investigate the accident and make recommendations about seeking compensation. 

Contact a personal injury lawyer near you to learn more. 


16 March 2022

Consulting with an Accident and Personal Injury Lawyer

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