Know What Evidence You Need In A Slip And Fall Accident


Were you injured due to a slip and fall on someone's property, and you feel like they are negligent and owe you compensation? If so, know that you likely have a personal injury lawsuit on your hands. Here is some of the evidence that you need in order to prove that the slip and fall accident was not your fault.


It will help to take photographs of the accident site right after the slip and fall happens. While this may not always be possible due to the extent of your injury, it is the best evidence that you can get to prove the circumstances that caused your slip and fall. If you return to the accident site later, the property owner may have fixed whatever it was that caused your fall.


Did anyone actually see your slip and fall happen? You'll definitely want to get their contact information so that they can make a statement. Eyewitness testimony, especially from a neutral third party that saw the slip and fall, can be great evidence to help prove your case. That is because they have no reason to have a bias regarding the slip and fall and will likely tell their account of the slip and fall exactly how they saw it happen.

Doctor Records

It is not enough to simply have an accident where you slipped and fell on the ground. If you did not suffer an injury and some sort of financial loss related to those medical bills, then you cannot really seek compensation for a slip and fall. If you were injured, you'll need to seek immediate medical attention so that your injury can be documented by a doctor. They'll be able to make a diagnosis related to the slip and fall, take x-rays, and provide other documentation that you need to prove that the injury happened and that it is related to the slip and fall. 

Formal Accident Report

If the injury happened on a commercial property, you will want to file an accident report with the business owner. This formally lets them know that the accident happened so that they can take the appropriate action to compensate you. It is common that state laws require you to attempt some type of resolution regarding an injury claim before you move on to a lawsuit, and informing the business owner is the first step. The accident report is your way of proving that you informed the owner.   

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5 January 2023

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