3 Ways To Maximize Your Personal Injury Compensation After An Accident


Recovering from a serious accident can prove costly, whether it's the cost of replacing damaged property or the medical costs associated with your physical and/or mental injuries. So it makes sense to seek the biggest monetary award or settlement possible. Fortunately, there are ways you can ensure that you receive the largest possible compensation for your personal injury in the aftermath of your accident. Take Your Medical Treatment Seriously Much of your personal injury compensation will ride on the severity of your injuries and the amount of treatment needed for a successful recovery.

13 March 2017

The Importance Of Statute Of Limitations In Your Birth Injury Case


Dealing with the aftermath of a birth injury can be a traumatic experience for many parents. Unfortunately, many parents inadvertently lose the right to pursue medical malpractice actions due to the statute of limitations for their case. If your child recently suffered an injury at birth, it's important to understand how the statute of limitations can affect your birth injury claim. Why You Can't Afford to Wait Time is always of the essence when it comes to any medical malpractice claim.

3 February 2017

How To Gather Evidence For Your Personal Injury Claim


In the aftermath of any automotive accident, your chances of receiving a fair settlement for your injuries and damages come down to the facts of the case. Without sufficient evidence to prove your personal injury claim, the judge may not be able to render a verdict in your favor. For this reason, it's crucial that you gather as much evidence as possible to support your personal injury claim. The following offers a few pointers you can use when gathering evidence for your claim.

15 December 2016

Injured By a Defective Medical Device? Frequently Asked Questions You Might Have


Whether you're suffering from a lifelong illness or were recently injured in an automobile accident, you depend on your doctor to provide you with a medical device to improve your quality of life. However, what happens when that medical device makes your life even worse? If you were recently injured or sickened by a medical device, you might have a strong product-liability case. Here are a few frequently asked questions you might have if your health and life were threatened by a defective medical device:

14 December 2016

Denied Workers' Compensation: Frequently Asked Questions


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 2.9 million workers were injured on the job in 2015. If you've recently been hurt at your job, chances are that beyond taking the time to heal, your biggest concern is supporting yourself and your family. This is where workers' compensation comes in, but even if you are legitimately injured on the job, there is a chance your claim will still be denied.

9 December 2016

Silent Witness: Can Your Dash Cam Tell The Tale During An Auto Accident Case?


In the U.S., dash-mounted cameras have gone from a relatively rare curiosity to a must-have accessory for drivers of all stripes. Chalk it up to countless hours of uploaded dash cam footage capturing everything from the macabre to the surreal. Many drivers now understand the value of having video footage, especially when proving their auto accident cases. If you're a dash cam user, you might think you have everything you need to successfully prove your case.

21 November 2016

2 Things You Should Never Do After Being Injured in an Auto Accident Before Consulting Your Attorney


You likely know that, the first thing you should do after being injured in a vehicle accident is call a good car accident lawyer. He or she will stick up for you and your rights when your auto insurance company or the auto insurance company of the at-fault driver tries to get you to agree to accept much less compensation that you deserve. However, you may not realize that many of your actions, whether they seem linked to your accident and injuries or not, can affect whether you end up getting the compensation you deserve in your settlement or not.

18 November 2016

5 Forms Of Fault That Affect Your Right To Sue After A Motorcycle Accident


While you may think that you're guaranteed to win a personal injury lawsuit if you can prove a motorcycle accident was completely caused by another party, that's not necessarily true. In fact, some states don't care at all who caused the accident. Understanding the various forms of fault, or lack of fault, used in motorcycle accident cases is essential to forming the right arguments to win your case. No Fault

7 November 2016

What Does It Take To Hold A Doctor Liable For Prescribing The Wrong Medication?


According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, approximately 1.3 million people are injured each year due to medication errors. In many cases, these injuries are caused by patient mistakes. However, sometimes the healthcare provider prescribing the drug makes an error that results in harm to the patient. If this happened to you, here's what you need to know about getting compensation from the liable person. Elements of Medical Negligence and Malpractice

4 November 2016

Self-Driving Vehicles, Accidents, And Liability: Who's Responsible?


Autonomous or self-driving vehicles have been seen by many as a big step towards making the roadways a little less crowded and accident-prone. But even the best self-driving vehicle still has to contend with the rather unpredictable nature of human-driven traffic, as shown by a self-piloted Google-branded car's recent run-in with a commercial van. This brings up plenty of questions about accidents involving self-driving vehicles and their human-driven counterparts. Is It the Driver or the Manufacturer?

2 November 2016