Why You Should Talk To An Attorney Soon After Your Motorcycle Accident


There's nothing quite like the feeling of riding your motorcycle on a scenic winding road. However, riding a bike has its dangers since bikes are often overlooked by other drivers. Plus, road hazards are even more dangerous to a motorcycle than a heavy car, so you always have to stay alert. Unfortunately, you can be careful all the time and still be in an accident when another driver doesn't see you coming down the road.

4 June 2018

What's Your Level Of Functioning?


If you've been trying to get approved for Social Security benefits, you may come across the term "residual functioning capacity." This term sounds a bit intimidating, but understanding what it means could enhance your ability to get benefits. Being unable to work and convincing the Social Security Administration (SSA) that you deserve benefits can be two different things, so read on to learn more about residual functional capacity (RFC). What is residual functioning capacity?

29 April 2018

Beware The Danger Of The Non-Medical Drug Detox Facility


A large part of the country is suffering from a drug crisis. Quite naturally, a lot of people are heading to rehabilitation centers around the nation for treatment. Unfortunately, where there's a misfortune that leads to an economic opportunity, there are also people willing to take advantage of the situation. Many of the drug rehab centers that are proudly and loudly proclaiming their services to help addicts aren't licensed medical facilities and they may be putting addicts in as much -- or even more -- danger than the drugs they're already using.

6 April 2018

The Most Common Construction Injuries


Construction injuries can be frightening, but also quite serious. When you are on the job, you do not expect to leave in an ambulance. Unfortunately, this happens all too often. If you have ever been injured on a job site, you might have legal recourse. So many different construction accidents are preventable, often by companies supplying products or by the companies hiring construction workers. Ultimately, you may have the right to seek financial resources if you are injured in one of these common ways.

3 March 2018

A Different Type Of Personal Injury: Libel And Slander


Lots of people have heard of these terms, but perhaps never associated them with a real-life occurrence. Nowadays, almost anyone can fall victim to this type of harm, given the wide information decimation of social media and the web. Read on to learn more. What do they mean? These terms both refer to a manner of defamation, with libel referring to the written statement and slander referring to the spoken statement.

24 January 2018

Three Easy Tips For Dealing With A Holiday Car Accident


During the holidays, people are going too and fro more often than usual. Store parking lots are much more crowded than normal. This can mean a lot more car accidents happen. Whether you were hit by someone on a snowy road or if you were hit from behind inside of a store parking lot, this can be a major pain during the holidays. If you were injured in an accident during the holiday season, here are some ways to handle it without putting a damper on the celebrations.

20 December 2017

How To Remain Safe During Holiday Road Trips


The holiday season is here, and millions of people will soon be hitting the road to see family and friends. While this is an exciting and festive time of year, it is important that you remain vigilant while on your vacation so that you and your family remain safe while on the road and avoid any potential accidents along the way. The following are some tips for a successful holiday road trip:

5 December 2017